Project Overview

Tailor by Marcon is a sleek, 27-storey residential tower consisting of 165 condominium units and 5 townhomes. Located in a rapidly evolving, transit-oriented community, it offers easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment at The Amazing Brentwood and Solo District. All units feature modern architecture that’s designed to allow for space and functionality. In addition to comfortable living, Tailor features an outdoor courtyard, gym, business centre, and a signature art installation located on the building facade above the corner of Alpha Avenue and Alaska Street.

  • OwnerMarcon
  • ContractorMarcon
  • Location2421 Alpha Ave, Burnaby, BC
  • Project StatusIn Progress. Estimated Completion 2024.

Project Details

This unique project features LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling for all residents. It also has the benefits of a central make up air for common corridors that can supply heated or cooled air, and ERV’s in each suite. The VRF system has a master controller providing remote access to the system. This provides quick diagnostics and will assist in the maintenance team in limiting any lengthy down times. Tailor also fetaured a custom boiler design with an energy transfer station and high pressure storage tanks.

Performing the foundational plumbing work for an innovative 27-storey condo building.