DMS Returns as Burnaby Lake Rugby Club Sponsor

DMS is delighted to announce its return as a sponsor of the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. This partnership emphasizes a commitment to community, fostering rugby excellence, and nurturing young talent in the local area. In addition to renewing our sponsorship, we are excited to share that DMS is the new title sponsor for the women’s program. The collaboration extends beyond the senior teams, with a focus on empowering the club’s growing junior program, supporting local school rugby, and aiding in scholarships to promising young players.

Burnaby Lake Rugby Club, a cornerstone of the local sports community, has been a breeding ground of rugby talent and values since 1994. DMS’s renewed sponsorship serves as a testament to the enduring partnership between corporate and community entities, fostering a robust environment for rugby development at various levels.

Empowering Women in Rugby: Title Sponsorship for Women’s Program

As the title sponsor for the women’s program, DMS aims to empower female athletes and promote gender equality in sports. The sponsorship will contribute to the team’s gear and fees, allowing the women’s program to compete at the highest level and set a great example for aspiring players in the community.

Investing in Youth: Growing Junior Program and Local School Rugby

Beyond the senior teams, DMS recognizes the importance of nurturing talent from a young age. This partnership will significantly contribute to the growth of the junior program, providing resources for coaching, equipment, and facilities. Additionally, DMS will support local school rugby initiatives, fostering a love for the sport among students and creating pathways for them to engage in organized rugby activities.

Building Futures: Scholarships for Young Players

One of the highlights of this renewed sponsorship is the assistance of scholarships for young and promising players within the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. These scholarships will provide financial assistance to talented individuals, ensuring that economic barriers do not hinder their ability to pursue their passion for rugby and education simultaneously.

We are very grateful to DMS for their continued partnership with Burnaby Lake Rugby. Their support of our community based organization allows us the opportunity to better serve the Burnaby and surrounding area with affordable rugby programs for all ages, genders, and ethnicities. The growth of these programs would not be possible without them. It is wonderful that a local company supports its local team.

Simon Smoldon, President

Community Impact and Commitment

DMS’s renewed sponsorship reflects a broader commitment to community development, supporting initiatives that go beyond the rugby pitch. By investing in youth programs and women’s sports, DMS and Burnaby Lake Rugby Club aim to create a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring athletes and contribute to the overall well-being of the Burnaby community. The partnership between DMS and Burnaby Lake Rugby Club exemplifies the positive outcomes that can arise when local businesses prioritize community engagement. As a sponsor, DMS looks forward to a season of triumphs, growth, and shared success on and off the rugby pitch.

All photography is courtesy of @z_roll on Instagram.