Topping out Tailor by Marcon

Reaching for the Sky: Topping Out

One of the most celebrated milestones in the construction of any building is the “topping out” ceremony. This tradition marks the moment when the highest point of the structure is reached. Tailor, a sleek 27-storey tower in North Burnaby constructed by Marcon, saw this momentous event on Friday, August 11th, as the final piece of the puzzle was placed atop its soaring structure. The topping-out ceremony not only signifies the physical completion of the building’s framework but also symbolizes the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in the project.

The Road Ahead

As Tailor stands tall in its current state, there’s still much work to be done before it becomes a fully operational and bustling hub of activity. Suite Rough-In work continues as the installation of trim and fixtures follows closely behind. The balancing and commissioning of our mechanical systems is also on the horizon, as we look forward to providing our client with an efficient and eco-friendly building.

Here are a few shots of the progress we’ve made along the way:

The construction of Tailor is a testament to human ingenuity and collaboration. From its humble beginnings as a blueprint, to its prominent place in the Brentwood skyline, every step of the journey has been an embodiment of dedication and vision. As the building moves closer to its grand opening, we grow more and more excited to showcase our dedication and craftsmanship to future homeowners. 

I’m delighted to acknowledge the instrumental role that DMS Mechanical Ltd. has played in working together with Marcon Construction to bring our “Tailor” tower project to life. Their expertise and dedication have truly shone throughout the project. From mechanical design review and streamlining to their flawless implementation and execution, DMS has showcased their commitment to excellence at every step of the project. Kudos to DMS’ team for their invaluable role in making this residential tower project a reality, for their continued efforts in working with our site team as partners, and for leading the charge in providing a product that future homeowners will undoubtedly appreciate for years to come.

– Walter Bianchini, Project Manager